The sea that thinks is for sale !

The sea that thinks is now available on DVD (PAL-version, region code free).
The DVD is fully packed with extras and contains more than 3 hours of material, including:

· 'The making of' (56 minutes)
· Play scenes (direct scene access to the film and 'the making of')
· Things do go wrong … (bloopers)
· Cutting room cut-outs (a short film about scenes not used, but why?)
· Comments by the maker (talking to Hans Beerekamp)
· What's the time? (a film about optical illusions)
· 'always the first time', for the last time sung by Rick de Leeuw and his Tröckener Kecks
(also to be listened to in Dolby 5.1)
· Thoughts by the sea (the fairytale of the sea that thinks it's a tree)
· Who am I? (filmography & biography of the director)
· 100 photos
· Hyperlinks to relevant sites
· A short film about (my way of looking for) the right angle
· The makers (credits) (with hyperlinks)
· They say … (various reviews)
· Dog ears (relevant literature)
· 'The rotating mask' screensaver (optical illusion)

· and of course the film itself, remixed in Dolby 5.1

And within this all are included subtitles in English and German and menus in English and Dutch.

Complete the form below and you will be notified by e-mail how to pay. You will receive the DVD by regular post as soon as possible.

The price is of the DVD is EUR 15,- (excluding EUR 3,- for package and postage).

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The sea that thinks is now available on VHS (PAL) as well. Below you can express to us that you are interested.

The VHS costs EUR 12,50 / USD 12,50 (excluding EUR / USD 3,- for package and postage).




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